Help for Parents: Does my child do drugs?

Many parents ask this question, after finding their teenager weird, uncovering unusual items in his or her business or seeing a change in behavior too fast.

So what are the signs of consumption?

The answer is not simple because they vary from one child to another and each index, taken in isolation, may have a different reason than drug use. It is rather the conjunction of several indices that can reveal you consumption.The most common indices are:

  • Your child has unusual symptoms:
  • Drowsiness,
  • Tremors,
  • Sunken eyes,
  • Red eyes and dilated pupils,
  • Slurred speech, loose talk, like a drunk person,
  • Irritation or dryness of the throat, dry cough, particular breath,
  • Frequent sniffing, rubbing of the nose, sputum of black mucus,
  • Chest pains,
  • Alternation of excitation phases (abundant speech) then of abatement,

You find in his business unusual objects:

  • Paper for rolling cigarettes (which is used to make joints),
  • Pipes or hookah, or crude hookah (called “bang”) made with a plastic bottle or a can and tubes of glass or plastic,
  • Small plastic bags with zip closure (which usually contain cannabis),
  • Lighters or refills of lighter gas in an unusual quantity.
  • Knife or teaspoon with burnt brown stains,
  • Stems or dried leaves of cannabis resembling tobacco but with different smell, small blocks of brown or green substance and hard, white or brown powder (cocaine, heroin, crack etc.), tablets similar to drugs (ecstasy), small blotters (LSD), etc.

His behavior changes quite quickly:

  • Rapid drop in school results,
  • Repeated school absenteeism,
  • Abandonment of sports or other activities,

Generalized demotivation:

  • Lack of interest in personal hygiene and appearance
  • Change of group of friends, refusal to introduce you to some friends,
  • Absences more and more frequent, return at any time without warning,

If you see these clues, your best is to share your doubts with your child and have a clear conversation with them, and you will find that the problem is often less serious than you imagine.However, demand clear and credible explanations, do not settle for the simple affirmation that it does not consume! Drug users frequently deny their consumption.Remember that each index taken in isolation is not significant for drug use.

Do not prejudge consumption:

Just like a glass of wine does not make the alcoholic, a cigarette does not smoke, a teenager who occasionally smokes cannabis is not an addict! This consumption will not necessarily lead to escalation to increasingly dangerous products.

Bulimia, anorexia, the suicidal ideation and behavior, behavioral disorders are the problems that can happen. They are the expression of suffering, of temporary or deeper difficulties that we must identify and take into account on a case by case basis. If you think that the situation is out of your control don’t hesitate to contact doctors on an immediate basis. The new addiction treatment center in Orange County will guide you in this serious issue.